We value collaborating and building connections with artists, organizations, and community. 


We offer wellness & mindfulness, crafting and digital collage, and storytelling workhops for all ages. 

Panels & Talks

We offer curated events on initiatives that align with our values and are always open to participate on panels or talks related to the speculative and community arts. See what we’ve been up to.

Baobab Project

a collaborative African historical, contemporary and futuristic STEAM program that teaches young people about their history through the retelling of stories of resilience by racialized Canadians.


We do consultations and tailored workshops and programming. If you’re interested in having BSAM Canada take part in your event, or give some insight into something that you’re developing, you can book us for a consultation. 


Get familiar with some of the things we're working on.


Learn about the organizations we work with.


Share in some of our successes and updates.