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Kemetic Yoga On The Toronto Waterfront


What the series is all about

These sessions are filmed along the central Toronto waterfront at the Westin Harbour Castle as a way to showcase locations in the city that offer a connection to healing energy. The view of the water offers serenity and showcases a literal and figurative bridge that links neighbourhoods of people together. The goal of the Earthseeds Kemetic Yoga Series is to help you carve out spaces of respite so that you may pause, clear out the noise that is causing a buildup of weariness, fatigue or annoyance in your body, and restore your mental calm.

The Kemetic Yoga series features 5 sessions meant to inspire mindfulness and reflection during a time of mental upheaval and uncertainty. Along with encouraging a state of calm and a way to connect to our bodies and the environment around us, this series will also include introspective journaling activities and giveaways for participants!

Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga is the facilitator for this journey. Vonnette is a certified Kemetic Yoga and Reiki Practitioner. She is known for her Mind, Body, and Spirit Upliftment style of teaching. 

What is Kemetic Yoga?

Kemetic Yoga is found on the writing of the temple walls in Ancient Egypt. This writing commonly known as hieroglyphs, is referred to as “MDR NTR” (Me-du Ne-ter) which translates to the words of God. These instructions and postures are a fundamental aspect of ancient Egyptian spiritual science, which is identical across Africa, and serves as a way to connect with the spirits of our ancestors through meditation, prayer and ritual.

Kemetic Yoga places much emphasis on breath aligned with movement, your autonomic nervous system is activated which places your mind and body into a flow state. In this state your brain emits more alpha waves. Alpha waves as opposed to beta waves are associated with deep states of relaxation, concentration and mental balance.


What it means


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The Earth element represents solid matter and the structure of the universe. Earth gives form to the human body, and to all of creation. The structure provided by earth is the conduit through which the other elements flow. All elements are born of ether and contained within earth.

Earth is cool, stable, heavy, dry, rough, gross, dense, dull, clear, and hard. The earth element is the antidote to symptoms that have the opposite qualities in the body. It is important to take in the qualities of earth when you are feeling too warm, ungrounded, chaotic, emaciated, fluidic, lacking in self-esteem, feeling insignificant, irritable with a sharp tongue, vulnerable, or can’t withstand stress.

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What You’ll Learn: 

In this session, Vonnette will guide you through a beginner friendly yoga session, that will include Earthing, building energy (Aura) with trees, sun gazing and a grounding yoga flow. The purpose of this session is to ground and connect you with the earth in a healing and freeing way, that will leave you feeling present and confident. 


This Month’s Session: Water 

Spirit is one of three central components that makes up an individual, the others being mind and body. The Spirit is the holding place for character, your emotions and elements that make you who you are. Your spirit is your essence, and it is important that it is cared for on a daily basis and uplifted through times of strife. The previous Kemetic Yoga Sessions taught you about Breath. The root word of respiratory (referring to the network of organs that help you breathe) is “spir” and that means breath, thus signifying that Spirit and Breath are closely tied together. Your life force, otherwise known as your Spirit, is closely linked to Breath.

A beneficial way to edify Spirit is with nature. Nature nurtures, meaning that it can provide a boost of support and encouragement to alleviate a funk or revitalize the soul with a big deep breath of fresh air.  Connecting with nature can be incredibly healing. There are so many ways to let the earth take care of you and your spirit: spend some time near the waterfront; go and feel the sand or grass beneath your toes; take a walk amongst the trees and flowers. Edifying your spirit with nature is as simple as stepping outside to take in the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air.

What You’ll Learn: 

In this session, Vonnette will guide you through the Maat Ka sequence – a compilation of poses meant to focus on all chakras. This sequence is about balance and harmony, which is achieved through postures that will help align the spine, activate various muscle groups and massage the internal organs. This session features a full body experience, aligning you to Spirit to unlock your full potential.

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Don't Forget to Journal!

Once you’ve finished your Kemetic Yoga session, take some time to reflect on how you feel, the state of your mind and the energy in your body. Write down your thoughts in the Kemetic Yoga Journal. Click the image to download.

Instagram Giveaway!

Earthseeds: Space of the Living – Kemetic Yoga lululemon water bottle to help you stay hydrated after releasing toxic energy and reconnecting to the depth of wisdom available within your sacred body

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Previous Videos

Take a look at some of the previous Kemetic Yoga sessions.

This session focus on breath, the foundation of yoga and life. It will introduce you to the basics of Kemetic Yoga and the 4 Rules of Breath.

This session will teach you Fire Breath Breathing, a rapid breathing technique to ground you and 4 poses that focus on the solar plexus chakra.

This session features a full body experience, aligning you to Spirit to unlock your full potential through through the Maat Ka sequence.

This series will have 5 sessions released from March 2021 to September 2021. With 2 sessions taking place outdoors with the opportunity for participant engagement, dependent on pandemic restrictions.

Kemetic Yoga Dates:

  • March 22 – Air
  • April 21 – Fire
  • May 25 – Spirit 
  • TBD – Earth
  • Sept. 28 – Water

These dates are subject to change based on the pandemic restrictions.

This series owes much to the expertise of Paul from Ohonsi films and Garth from Cre8ive Front

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