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Unveiling Heroes of the Block

Community Consultation: April 27th at 6:30PM

Join us to see which Rexdale hero was nominated for the Unveiling Heroes of the Block Project!

In partnership with ArtworxTO and CABR, this project seeks to uncover the buried and lesser-known stories of prominent Black Canadian figures that contributed to the foundational fabric of the Toronto we know and experience today. The project will result in several public art installations across the Greater Toronto Area including an installation at the Rexdale Community Hub. This consultation will collect feedback about the initiatives, outreach and discussions this installation may inspire.

Zoom ID: 988 0298 1428           Pass code: 639920

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Kemetic Yoga on the Waterfront

April 22 - Session Two: Fire

A series of Kemetic Yoga Sessions facilitated by Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga for Earthseeds: Space of the Living. Earthseeds: Space of the Living is a public art project developed by BSAM Canada for the first Toronto Waterfront Artist Residency. 

Learn more about the Earthseeds Project

Session Two – Fire: This session will teach you Fire Breath Breathing, a rapid breathing that works as a way to help center and ground yourself. You will also learn 4 poses that focus on the solar plexus chakra. Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created, and believed to have transformational and purifying powers.

Grant Writing for BIPOC Artists

Occurred on April 6, 2021

The Grant writing Workshop for BIPOC artists was hosted by BSAM Canada in collaboration with Ryerson University’s Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ). This workshop focused on the Ontario Arts Council – Skills and Career Development Grant and featured strategies and tips for applying for arts funding from Bushra Junaid (OAC) and Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony.

To apply to the Ontario Arts Council – Skills and Career Development: Indigenous Arts Professionals and Arts Professionals of Colour visit:

Special thank you to Bushra Junaid from the Ontario Arts Council ( and Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony for their expert knowledge. You can access Bushra Junaid’s presentation by visiting: Grant Writing for BIPOC Arts Professionals

Resources for more art-related grants listed by Paulina: