About Earthseeds: Space of the Living

Earthseeds: Space of the Living is a public art project developed by BSAM Canada for the first Toronto Waterfront Artist Residency. It focuses on constructing community healing spaces for people to consider the seeds they are planting in their own lives.


Meaning behind it all

This project is Inspired by Octavia Butler’s Parable series, which conceives Earthseed as a way of life that embraces change as a universal force for growth.

With this residency, BSAM Canada plans to explore ideas of healing through various events and multimedia art that will appear downtown along the Toronto waterfront, with focus on fostering connection, harvesting restorative energy, and opening spaces for introspection to plant seeds of change internally and externally for the future.

Earthseeds: Space of the Living is a way to reconnect our natural environment and meant to offer spaces for people to ground themselves and contemplate the idea that while the world is moving forward, how do we take care of the earth and ourselves?


Take a deep dive into the themes behind earthseeds: Space of the Living

Discover the themes that inform Earthseeds: Space of the Living

Take a peek at the BSAM Canada team presenting Earthseeds: Space of the Living to the community. 


Throughout the year there will be Earthseeds events, exhibitions and installations popping up along the central Toronto Waterfront. 

A series of Kemetic yoga sessions tailored to the values and objectives of the Earthseeds project. 

Olamina Installation

A temporary public art sculpture located at Aitken Place Park by the Toronto waterfront.


A short animated film that follows an Afro-Indigenous non-binary youth as they learn from the water.

“Belief initiates and guides action- Or it does nothing.”

Parable of the Sower
Octavia Butler