Created in 2016, the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) Canada is an award-winning non-profit.

BSAM Canada aims to construct a collaborative and supportive platform that empowers, elevates, and evolves Afrodiasporic creative industries and organizations, along with supporting artists who work within the field of the speculative arts.

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Cultural Arts Organization

BSAM Canada started out as an artist collective in Toronto to broaden outlets of representation for artists of the Afrodiaspora (including Black African, Afro-Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean descendent people). We are invested in works that push imaginative boundaries, thereby contributing to broader and more vivid visual language of Blackness within arts education and the arts industry.


Public art, short films, and healing activities, and more! Take a look at all of the things we’re getting up to. 


Throughout the year we have various free workshops &
skill-based programs.
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We are always looking to for new artists and organizations to collaborate with. Are you interested? 

What's Happenin'

Kemetic Yoga Series - Earth

It's finally here! The fourth installment of the Earthseeds: Kemetic Yoga Series is up and ready for you to go on a grounding journey with Vonnette Forde of Higher Love Yoga.
Dec. 17


Are you curious to know what's happened with her and where she'll be next? In the next coming weeks we'll be creating some content around all the things that Olamina.

Levyi-Alexander Love on In The Moment

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Levyi and BSAM Canada, you give us a stage and we will make the most of the opportunity that we possibly can. Not only do we live in the moment, we live for the moments.

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Olamina’s Rain

Recanting the experience of installing Olamina in Aitken Place Park on the Toronto Waterfront. Then celebrating her with a launch event the following day.

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