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Created in 2016, the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) Canada is an award-winning non-profit. BSAM Canada aims to construct a collaborative and supportive platform that empowers, elevates, and evolves Black creative industries and organizations, along with supporting Black artists who work within the respective field of the speculative arts.

Take a look at what's at Aitken Place Park!

Public Art at the Toronto Waterfront

Olamina is a public art piece that is part of the BSAM Canada Earthseeds: Space of the Living Waterfront Artist Residency supported by Waterfront Toronto and Waterfront BIA. It is an installation greatly inspired by Octavia E. Butler’s Parable series, taking its namesake from the main character of Butler’s novels, Lauren Oya Olamina. It is also an embodiment of the folktales of the African water spirit, Mami Wata. Water spirits in African and Afro-Caribbean folklore often touch on the idea of change and moving forward. Like Mami Wata, Olamina intersects both earth and water. Both represent dualities of elements and forces in life.

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Interested in Kemetic Yoga, introspective journalling and giveaways?

Take a Look: Kemetic Yoga on the Waterfront

Take part in the Kemetic Yoga Series, facilitated by Vonnette Forde from Higher Love Yoga for Earthseeds: Space of the Living. This series was filmed along at the Westin Harbour Castle as a way to connect to incite calm and connect to haling spaces located along Toronto's waterfront.  

Earthseeds: Space of the Living is a public art project developed by BSAM Canada for the first Toronto Waterfront Artist Residency. 

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Call for Participation: Love Letters for the Love Park Hoarding Exhibit

Love Letters: A visual record of the textures of love

Love Letters is an artistic piece that prods the viewer to consider vivid and rich textures of love and how it is understood as a symbol, a thought, a language, and a feeling. Whether for your partner, your grandmother, a tree in a park, or a food stand, we want to know what makes your heart expand!

BSAM Canada, in collaboration with STEPS Public Art, Waterfront BIA and Waterfront Toronto invites you to reminisce on your relationship with love. What was it about love that caught your eye, that caused you to wonder, and left an imprint on you?

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